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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker December 2017

Coffee Battles / Best Single Serve Coffee Maker December 2017

Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

After being on the market for about two years, the Aicok Company has been on the forefront for high quality products. It is Kithchenware Company that was started by brainchild of a group of friends who worked at Google. The company began in 2015 and today, it produces a wide range of products ranging from kitchen appliance to other categories. One of their leading products on the market today is the Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker. This is a user-friendly coffee maker that will assure you of a great coffee. It is a travel coffee machine you can carry with you due to its compact design. Besides this, it is also a fast single cup coffee maker you can rely on for all your favorite coffee. To get it, you just need to make your order now and it shall be delivered within the estimated time.

12 Oz Capacity 

The single cup serving coffee maker has a water reservoir that can hold up to 12 Oz. With this, you can always get your coffee without having to refill from time to time.

Get Coffee Ready in 3-Minutes 

Did you know that you can now get your coffee ready in just about three minutes? This is the only coffee machine that is super fast and brews perfectly for a great taste. It employs the fast brew technology, making it an ideal choice for all.

Longer Heat Retention

The coffee machine will always keep your coffee hot for long even once it is done with the brewing. This is due to the high temperatures in the reservoir that will ensure that your coffee is warm.

BPA Free Material

The Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker is made from the highest quality of plastic material that is BPA free. It is, therefore, 100% safe coffee maker you need to try out.

2-Year Quality Assurance 

The coffee maker also comes with a 2-year quality assurance despite the affordable price.

Removable Parts and Dishwasher Safe

You will find it elementary to clean the coffee maker since it has a removable water reservoir and drip tray. Besides this, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

ETL, UL, and FDA Certified 

Since it made of a BPA-Free material, it implies that it is a safe coffee maker. This is the reason why it has Kitchenware by FDA, ETL, and UL.

24-Hour Programmable 

This is a fully programmable coffee maker you can always set to prepare your coffee at the required time.


· It is very safe and fully satisfied

· It is an ergonomic machine

· It has a compact design; hence ideal for traveling

· It brews in three minutes

· Comes with two-year warranty

· Simple to clean


· A shorter lifespan

This is the ultimate single serving coffee maker you will find ideal for your daily use. It has a durable construction and compact design, which makes it ideal for traveling. It is also simple to clean as it has removable parts and dishwasher safe. Apart from this, it is very ergonomic and prepares quality coffee you will definitely love.

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer Review

Chulux is a world-class manufacturing company that is basically known for small appliances. It is a company that has been on the market for some years as they continue to produce excellent products. The founder and date it was started aren’t clearly stated on their website. Despite this, it has emerged as one of the leading kitchenware appliances manufactures. The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer is one of its key products you will on the market. This high quality coffee maker has a compact design for easy portability. It is simple to program since it features a one-touch operation for all the settings. The coffee maker comes in different colors; hence you will always find the best color that will suit your kitchen or office. Make your order today and it shall be delivered within the next 24-hours.


360 Ml Capacity 

The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer is a mid-sized single serving coffee maker that can accommodate up to 12 Oz. With this, you will have different servings.

3-5 Minutes Brewing Time

This is a fast and reliable coffee maker that will have your coffee ready in about 3-5 minutes. Despite the high speed, it will offer a great and tasty coffee you will definitely like.

Stainless Steel Heater 

In order to keep the coffee warm for long hours after brewing, the stainless steel heater will retain heat for long hours. This means that you will always have a hot coffee at any given moment.

Stainless Steel and Plastic Material

The coffee maker is made of a high-grade stainless steel material. It also features BPA free plastic material in certain parts. This will assure you of a long-term service.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

It is now available at an affordable price and also comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty for a better protection.

Dishwasher Safe

Despite having several removable parts like the water tank and drip tray, it is also dishwasher safe. This, therefore, implies that the cleaning process is fast and easy.

UL and FDA Certified 

The coffee maker is made of a quality and BPA free material. This is the reason why it has been approved by both FDA and UL.

Fully Programmable 

It is a fully programmable coffee maker that will assure you of a great coffee every morning. In order to get a freshly prepared coffee, you just need to program it to brew the coffee at a specific time.


· It is fully programmable

· Comes with 1-year warranty

· Easy to clean

· Compact and portable coffee machine

· One-touch operation system

· Brews in 3-5 minutes

· It is very safe


· Ensure you get the ultimate quality as some may malfunction


The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer is a very reliable and convenient coffee maker you can use at any place. This is because of it as a compact design, which allows for easy portability. It also has a removable drip tray and water tank to allow for easy cleaning. Besides this, it brews in 3-5 minutes to produce a flavored coffee you will definitely love. It is one single serving coffee maker you need to try out and it shall never disappoint you as it delivers more than expected.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker Review

The Cuisinart is a well-known manufacturing company that was founded by Carl Sontheimer. The company has been on the market as early as 1971. It is an American company that is owned by the Conair Corporation. The first model of the company was a food processor that was introduced in 1973. This was at the National Housewares Exposition in Chicago. It was later released in 1975 in Canada. It also produces excellent coffee makers like the Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker. The coffee maker will make one cup at a time; hence ideal for single serving. It is a fully programmable machine that will prepare you coffee at the exact time you need it. Apart from this, the coffee maker features an adjustable temperature control. This will aid in the quick brewing of the best coffee you need.


72 ounces Capacity 

This is one of the best single-serving coffee makers that have a capacity of 72 ounces. This means that you will easily get the best coffee by trying out the machine. It offers different single serving ranging from 4-12 ounces sizes.

Shorter Brewing Time

This is the only single-serving coffee brewer that will brew your coffee in less than 8-minutes. The machine is very fast; hence one you can rely on for a great coffee every time.

Adjustable Temperature Control 

With this excellent coffee maker, you will always maintain the required temperature. This means that you can easily keep the coffee warm. Besides this, it also features a stainless steel that aids in retaining heat for long.

Safe Plastic Material

In order to ensure a great taste in your coffee, it is made from a high quality and safe plastic material that is BPA free. This implies that you will always get the best coffee with this machine.

3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty 

When shopping for the ultimate coffee maker, the price and warranty are crucial factors to look out for. This high quality machine is relatively cheap and comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Dishwasher Safe 

The coffee maker has removable parts like the drip tray, which allows for easy cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe; hence saves time in cleaning.

BPA Free

This is a safe coffee maker that has been fully certified by FDA to be very safe. It is made from BPA free plastic material that will ensure a great taste of your coffee.

Fully Programmable 

It is easy to program the coffee maker to brew your coffee at the required time. Through the LCD display, you will easily control all the settings.


· Has an adjustable temperature control

· Easy to use

· It offers up to five beverage sizes

· Simple to clean

· It is 100% safe as approved by FDA

· It is relatively cheap and affordable


· Some may arrive in bad condition; hence you need to check upon delivery


With this high quality coffee maker, you can now enjoy your favorite coffee anytime. The single serving machine has a capacity of 72 ounces, which offers you up to five beverage servings. It is a fully programmable coffee brewer with an auto on/off switch. This makes it very reliable and convenient just as expected.

Chefman Coffee Maker K-Cup VersaBrew Brewer Review

The Chefman is a reputable manufacturing company for high quality products. Even though the founders of the company aren’t clearly stated, it has been on the forefront to produce some of the best kitchenware on the market. They have been operating for some years and through innovation, they have been able to create some of the best products like Chefman Coffee Maker K-Cup VersaBrew Brewer. This is a high quality coffee brewer that you can always rely on for top-notch services. The machine is very versatile as it is designed to suit all the K-cups and coffee grounds. Besides this, it is very safe and the sleek design makes it very ergonomic.


14 Oz Capacity 

This is a smaller coffee maker that is ideal for smaller families. Its reservoir can accommodate up to 14 Oz, which will perfectly suit your family.

Rapid Brew

The coffee maker is able to brew a tasty coffee in just ten minutes. This means that it saves time as you get your coffee ready faster as expected. It employs the rapid brew technology, which ensures that the coffee brews faster.

Keeps Coffee Hot 

It is known for retaining heat for longer after brewing. This is because it is made of the best stainless steel material, which will conduct and retain heat.

Plastic and Stainless Steel Material 

The coffee brewer is made from a combination of BPA free plastic and stainless steel material. This means that it will serve you for the longest time possible.

One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 

The coffee maker is fully protected for up to one year after purchase. This is because you will be offered 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dishwasher Safe

Since all parts of the coffee brewer are dishwasher safe, you will find it simple to clean up the machine after use. You can easily remove certain parts for easy cleaning.

FDA and ETL Certified

When you need a safe coffee maker for your daily coffee, then you need to try out the Chefman Coffee Maker K-Cup VersaBrew Brewer. The coffee maker has been approved by both FDA and ETL for safety.

Fully Programmable 

It is a fully programmable coffee brewer that will serve you better and longer. You can always program when you need the coffee and you will always find it ready.


· It is easily programmable

· Ensures a rapid brew

· Sleek and compact design

· It is highly versatile

· Comes with one-year warranty

· It is very safe as approved by FDA

· It is very ergonomic


· It may not be durable as you may expect


The Chefman Coffee Maker K-Cup VersaBrew Brewer is one of the highly recommended coffee makers you will find ideal for your daily use. The coffee brewer has a sleek design, which ensures that it takes the least possible space. It is also very versatile as you can use it to brew tea beside coffee. It has a high-speed brewing as it employs the rapid brew technology. Give it a try for amazing brewing services.